Chinatown: Our Narrative Tours

At the intersection of personal stories, policy, and history of NYC Chinatown

What We Do

Chinatown: Our Narrative Tours (CONTOURS) aims to connect and identify community resources within history, policy, and personal experiences of New York City’s Chinatown. This summer, CONTOURS will train and facilitate the research, storytelling, and crafting process for youth that want to tell their own stories about Chinatown. This year’s project will culminate in a neighborhood critical mapping event.

What do we mean by “tour”?

Our tours aim to defamiliarize places in our neighborhood so we can better imagine and act toward changes that we want. We want to draw attention to international impact on local phenomenon, of policy on daily life, and current projects and campaigns in Chinatown. Under specific themes, we want to tell as many layers of the story as we can.